Who Is Riken?

Riken was born in the oldest family of magicians in Mexico. His first TV show was at the age of 6.

His Grandfather Krotani inherited the secrets of magic to his sons Rolando and Ari Sandy and Nani and then to his grandsons Mich and Riken

Riken has appeared in many TV shows:

  • Big Brother
  • Cable club infantil
  • Se vale soñar
  • La hora de los chavos
  • Rumbo a la fama
  • Hola México con René franco
  • Cable Kids
  • Motel Diablito para EXA TV
  • Wax
  • Se Vale
  • and some others.

In Japan:

  • Yokozo: The golden hour
  • Zoom in Saturday

He has performed for enterprises like

  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Politénico Nacional (He performed more than 50 shows for this University)
  • Dinami Motorcicles
  • Akura
  • Carlos n’ Charlies
  • Modern Art Café
  • La mundial
  • Total Desk Services
  • BMC software
  • Plaza Universidad
  • Centro de integración para adictos y familiares
  • Chocolates la corona
  • Play producciones
  • Oro and Gold
  • Seguritec transporte de valores
  • SAT
  • Liverpool
  • Taco Inn
  • Dairy cream. Mexalite.
  • Mexalite.
  • Buró de crédito.
  • José de la Torre S.A.
  • And many others…
  • In Japan:

    • Corona Beer
    • UNESCO
    • Nordic Chambers in Japan
    • Vanity
    • Charlston.
    • Orange Club
    • KO productions
    • Jokers bar
    • Sheesha Bar
    • Copacabana
    • La Mexicana Taqueria
    • Ill Buttero
    • Farfalla
    • Club Garden
    • Tequila Agave Bar
    • Celi’s Coffe
    • Comunidad en español de Seicho no Ie
    • Grand Swell K.K.
    • Grosvenor Place
    • Internations
    • Asociación de mexicanos en Japón
    • 57 Bar
    • Special Show for OGA for help to collect funds for the people affected by et tsunami
    • An special show in Minami Sanriku performing for the people affected by the tsunami.
    • He has performed more than 4000 shows for kids and private adults parties.


    In 2010 he started a project called “Riken TV” where he was performing magic and he was in charge to do video edition, direction and he composed some of the songs used for the project.

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