Chocolate Card

“This is by far my favourite card illusion and a perfect one to perform for groups because they walk away with a gift as well as a stunning trick.”
Kev Webster

I’m pretty sure you will enjoy performing this trick and wow your audience

This is the Idea…

– The spectator freely chooses a card
– Then signs the card
– The card goes back inside the deck and the spectator shuffles the deck of cards
– Then you pull a bag of chocolates with the signed card inside
– You open the bag and give away the chocolates and the card as a souvenir
– There is a variation with a box of chocolates or any similar box

I’ll show you how to build the gimmick in minutes and step by step instructions to perform this trick and wow your audience and leave them wonder.

THE RESET TAKES SECONDS and you can give the chocolates as a gift and you can use your favourite brand if chocolates.


So… What are you waiting for?
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Chocolate Card

Q: Is the wrapper of the box of chocolates the original?
A: yes

Q: Can it be done with any box or any bag of candies that are not chocolates?
A: Yes, in the tutorial I show you how to choose the perfect bag or box to do this trick

Q: is the gimmick hard to do?
A: No, you can make it in minutes

Q: I’m a beginner. Can I do it?
A: Absolutely, you’ll need practice but not too much and I’ll show you all the moves and tips for a great illusion