Elastic Miracles

Elastic Miracles

Easy To Learn and Perform

Can be performed any time

You’ll get great reactions


I’ll teach you how to perform Amazing magic Tricks with nothing else than a couple of rubber bands.

Amaze your friend and family with these easy to do but astonishing magic effects that you can perform in minutes

You’ll learn 9 different miracles with rubber bands:


How pass a rubber band through your finger or the finger of someone of the audience

How to inhale a rubber band

Brake and restore a rubber band

Put a challenge to your friends that they will never solve

Rubber band travels though your fingers

Make a rubber band move on it’s own

Make a ring go through a rubber band while the spectator is holding it

Make a rubber band go through a rubber band

Rubber bands magically become one single rubber band

Everything is explained in detail so you can start performing this amazing magic tricks in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Get it now!

Elastic Miracles