Magic exists in all of us, but just a few can experience it.





 Shows for adults

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a show for your company for the beginning or end of the year, a birthday party or any other reason; Riken will make that event memorable and your guest will enjoy it a lot.


Show for kids

The shows for kids are an speciality on Riken, he even has several options like:

-Interactive Magic Show
-Magic Workshop for kids 
-Magic Show + Magic Workshop


Wedding’s Show

Congratulations on this new stage, your event must be unforgettable and for that Riken has a show that will have your guests amazed and entertained

Magic for proposal

Are you looking for an original way to propose?
Riken will help you to find a magical and original way to make that moment unique
Riken will work with you side by side to impress your loved one so she says

 “I accept”



Would you like to learn magic to impress your family and friends?

Here you’ll find several options to learn magic.
It doesn’t matters if you are a beginner or professional magician, surely you’ll find an option that will be of your interest

What about a course designed to meet girls?

People always ask Riken to teach them magic to surprise and meet girls, because of that Riken designed a course where he teaches that it’s not only to know how to make “tricks” but to know the psychology to conquer the heart of that special girl

If you are a fan of Riken here you can buy t-shirts, mugs, and many other products


Riken in YouTube

Riken has 2 YouTube channels

Riken Magic

This channel is about magic and more magic

There is 2 things that Riken really likes, magic and people, that’s why many times he goes out to shoot videos while performing magic to strangers on the street

Remember to subscribe and turn on the close captions to see the subtitles

You can see his channel directly on YouTube or inside

Riken's Life

Daily vlogging

In this channel Riken shares his life in Japan with a daily vlog (or almost daily)

Discover with Riken the culture, food and much more about this amazing country

Remember to subscribe and you can see these videos directly on  YouTube or inside

This channel is only in Spanish



  • You’ll feel like a child again.

    You’ll feel like a child again.

    “When Riken performs his creative and unique illusions, you will be so entertained, you’ll feel like a child again.

    He’s one of the few magicians around that can make you believe that magic is real.”

    Rashad Haughton
    Music and Movie director
  • Was outstanding!

    “The magician Riken you provided for the Scandinavian X-mas party last December was outstanding! I have never seen and experienced such magic tricks, that actually made you believe that it was true “magic”! It was 100 % entertaining and I enjoyed this part of the X-mas programme a lot. If there is a chance to engage this fantastic professional magician again in the future, please don’t hesitate!”

    Part of a message sent to the organizer of the “Scandinavian Christmas 2011 party ” by one of the guests.

  • He is quite the technician

    He is quite the technician

    “He is quite the technician”

    Cyril Takayama(セロさん)
    World Class Magician


Riken was born in the oldest family of magicians in Mexico, his grandfather inherited the secrets of magic to his sons Ari Sandy, Rolando and Nani and then to his grandsons Mich and Riken

The first TV appearance of Riken was at 6 years old

Riken has participated in literally thousands of shows and in many TV shows in Mexico and in Japan